AntiGerm is an absolutely safe permanent antibacterial treatment which ISEO has decided to use on its range of Panic Exit Devices.

It is based on the slow and constant release of silver ions which penetrate the microbial organism and prevent its reproduction by attacking its DNA and finally inhibiting cellular respiration.
In few minutes it kills more than 650 bacteria species as Legionella, Salmonella and MRSA thanks to a continuous action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reducing bacteria level of 99%.

AntiGerm is a registered and certified trademark exclusively used by ISEO on the global market for the Panic Exit Devices segment with no additional cost.

Infections in hospitals are often underestimated both from a medical and cultural point of view. Every year in Europe 4.1 million patients acquire an infection in hospitals.*
*Source: Sanità in Cifre, 23/02/2012

In line with its attention to safety, ISEO has decided to add this measure to a device which is always present in public environments and in all those places where hygiene and healthcare is a basic requirement: hospitals, clinics, treatment homes, but also child care centres and nursery schools.
Therefore, the panic function is enriched with antibacterial protection, whose performance is certified by Padova University Molecular Medicine Department.

The antibacterial treatment action is permanent and does not require special maintenance. The constant release of silver ions ensures top efficiency throughout the product life, even in case of surface scratches.

AntiGerm is also used on other products:
From now on ISEO panic exit devices feature AntiGerm, improving security performance, technical reliability and product quality.

Replacing your old equipment with ISEO panic devices with AntiGerm coating is really simple: thanks to the new retrofit plates you can easily change the existing ones, even those not manufactured by ISEO (Italian products only).

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