We're there: 2019 is set to be an extraordinary year. A celebration of the goals that we have achieved and of the enthusiasm with which we greet the future.
Fifty years of ISEO Serrature.
There will be celebrations - and grand ones. There will be opportunities to tell the story of the people at the heart of the success we have enjoyed over the years - years in which each of the challenges we have faced have played out on the global stage.
The context for these 365 special days is neatly summed up in the slogan selected to define it:
ISEO 50. That’s amore.
Because love is the key to the anniversary that we are celebrating: love for our work; love for the community we are part of; love for the respect of those we work with; love for research; love for the challenges that business poses; love for family; love for tomorrow.


Hymn to work.

Reportage in ISEO Serrature by Uliano Lucas.

See the pictures of one of the most famous Italian photographer.

A careful shooting.

The reportage by Uliano Lucas... from a different point of view.

Open day, happy day.

Guided visits to ISEO Serrature main factory.

15th September 2019.

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"ISEO Serrature racconta ISEO Serrature."

Past, present and future witnesses (in Italian only).


Sure emotions.

ISEO main partner of Cidneon, Internazional Lights Festival in Brescia (8-16 february).


Safety comes first.

Team spirit, perseverance and common aims.

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Social networks.

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