Safety comes first: sports sponsorship by ISEO.

Sport is made of team spirit and perseverance to pursue common aims. Values which have been guided ISEO Serrature challenges during its 50 years.

  • Volley Pisogne title sponsor (volley)
  • Pallacanestro Alto Sebino sponsor (basketball)
  • ISEO Serrature - Rime - Carnovali sponsor (cycling)
  • Trentapassi Sky Race sponsor (footrace with 1400 m height difference on Lake Iseo)
  • U.S. Darfo Boario official partner (soccer)
  • Circuito del Sebino sponsor (motorbike touring event for vintage motorcycles on Lake Iseo)
  • 10 Miglia del Castello (footrace on Lake Endine)
  • Brescia summer training session (soccer)