DSTelecom - Portugal

How to manage the accesses in telecomunications companies combining the security of mechanics and the flexibility of electronics

DSTelecom builds and operates an ultra-modern fiber optic network in the country's lowest population density areas, aiming to enable all telecommunication operators to provide their customers with any communication, TV and Internet access services available on the market. 

With the aim to ensure fibre network security and reinforcing the quality of service provided to its customers across Portgual, there was the need for DSTelecom to implement a project for controlling access to fibre optic distribution in 1500 cabinets.


The products.
Locken Smart Access (LSA) by ISEO is a single software package for various industries particularly suited to critical infrastructures and companies with many remote sites such as DSTelecom. It is designed to simplify and protect access both to administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

Locken LSA access control solution has been customized for dstelecom according with its needs: 

  • allow the users to be authenticated, thus managing access permissions and guaranteeing or restricting access whenever necessary
  • ensure a greater and better reaction to hypothetical breakdowns
  • that there are no undue access to fiber distribution cabinets, mitigating situations of malfeasance or vandalism 

In addition, Locken LSA solution helps reducing the environmental impact by reducing the number of trips to the lockers for network maintenance.

Unaffected by humidity and compliant with the strictest break-in resistance standards, the solution is perfectly suited to the different access configurations present across the line. 

No cables are needed for the locks as the key supplies the required power and access rights to the cylinder which implies easy installation and minimal maintenance. 



The latest-generation electronic key solution combines the advantages of a wireless electronic access control system with the benefits of a mechanical option in a single smart key.

The Locken Smart Access (LSA) software by ISEO Connected products range allows users to customise their access: the solution is managed through a simple, adaptable software suite, meeting the need for flexibility and security required by dstelecom.

It manages the access rights sent to the key from a smartphone via Bluetooth or a special terminal or PC via the Internet. The software gives this ISEO access control solution the following unique qualities:
– Intuitive use and customisation
– Superior security
– Integration of apps, web portals and all the latest mobility technologies.

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The F9000 mechatronic cylinder with vertical key, protected by registered trademark, meets all the requisites for security and flexibility of this environment: intelligent solutions at the service of security.

F9000 mechatronic cylinder has the same installation and easy maintenance features as a mechanical cylinder for door lock, because it doesn’t require any wiring or batteries in the cylinder.

Unrivalled performance, with the benefits of class-beating mechanical security expanded by the flexibility of an electronic system and the intelligence of customised programmability.

The key is protected against duplication for greater security, and makes it possible to trace each entry, as well as any attempts at unauthorised entry.

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