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V364 - Management system

The V364 management system is part of the ISEO Zero1 product range. It's an innovative access control system: it's capable of managing doors both online and offline, and is particularly suitable for commercial applications. The V364 is based on the Atlas Controller, which, thanks to the use of built-in web server technology, with no need for any additional software, allows the system to be started up in just a few minutes time. The Linux operating system makes the V364 stable and secure against hacking and viruses. Furthermore, the V364 offers various login levels for system administrators, thus allowing them to monitor the functions that the operator is authorised to perform. The V364 web server offers the freedom of managing and monitoring access from anywhere at any time, with no need to be at one of the client's dedicated work stations.
The product has an extremely intuitive graphical user interface: the configuration and modification operations can be performed using any mobile device or computer via the Internet.
The V364 is designed to be easily adapted to meet any security needs: it supports RFID technology (Mifare Desfire and Mifare Classic) and the F9000 mechatronic key compliant with the ATEX Directive, which is even suitable for environments at risk of explosion.

For access control in smaller contexts, such as private homes, B&Bs, small hotels, professional studios, shops and small businesses, the ideal solution is the system Argo >>

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