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An innovative range of electronic products that revolutionise the concept of security and even allows remote access management.

A suite of solutions that not only boast high technology electronics but are also incredibly practical and simple to use for anyone.

Products that permit flexible, intelligent access management in different spaces and locations with a variety of different devices: cards, smartphones, smartwatches and electronic keys.

They are also easy to install and upgrade, even on existing systems.

ISEO Zero1 includes a number of different access control and management system, each one of which conceived for specific security needs:

  • ARGO: for private homes, B&Bs, small hotels, professional studios, shops and small businesses
  • V364: for companies and organisations with multiple branches
  • LSA: for multi-site companies, utility companies and large buildings

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The ARGO system.

Argo is the ideal solution for private homes, B&Bs, small hotels, professional studios, shops and small businesses.

All you need is your smartphone and the Argo app to open and manage access rights to doors equipped with ISEO Smart locks, both locally and remotely.

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The V364 system.

The V364 system is particularly suitable for online and offline access control in more complex applications, such as companies and organisations with multiple sites.

Wherever superior security standards are necessary and an ability to issue access rights immediately and remotely for mobile employees and contractors, V364 is a simple to use, time-saving solution for administrators.

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The LSA system.

The LSA system developed by out partner Locken is the best solution possible for complex applications such as large, multi-site companies, utility companies and large buildings.

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ITALY: zero1-it@iseo.com - 800-728722 (Toll free number, only for Italy from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm)

GERMANY: zero1-de@iseo.com 0700-00473601 (only for Germany)

FRANCE: zero1-fr@iseo.com - +33 1 64835858

SPAIN: zero1.iberica@iseo.com - 900-126356 (Toll free number, only for Spain)

CHINA: zero1-cn@iseo.com - +8610 58698079

ASIA: zero1-asia@iseo.com - +603 80753331

MIDDLE EAST: iseoprojects@iseo.com - +971 4 5136162

SOUTH AFRICA: zero1-za@iseo.com

ROMANIA: zero1-ro@iseo.com

OTHERS: info.iseozero1@iseo.com