Open Day, Happy Day - Sunday 15th September

The italian newspaper "Bresciaoggi" dedicated an article to tell the "Open day, Happy day" twhich took place in ISEO Serrature headquarter in Pisogne on Sunday 15th of September.

In the last few days, also the newspaper "Il Giornale di Brescia" and other trade magazines shared ISEO activities which have been organized to celebrate its 50 years from its foundation: 

Ferramenta 2000: http://www.ferramenta2000.net/view/Articoli/iseo-serrature-festeggia-cinquant-anni.htm

Edilportale: https://www.edilportale.com/news/2019/09/aziende/iseo-serrature-festeggia-cinquant-anni_72184_5.html


Download the pdf and read the articles published on "Bresciaoggi" and "il Giornale di Brescia" newspaper.