Luxury residential building - Varna, Bulgaria

The context.

Symphony is a new luxury residential building placed in Varna (Bulgaria). The building has been constructed using modern solutions and very high quality materials.

Our contribution.

Delivering on the investor's vision of building a luxury residential development, the apartment entrance doors with x1R Easy locks by ISEO (supplied by IntesA Ltd. - Sofia, Bulgaria) provide a high level of security and comfort.

x1R Easy is the electromechanical lock by ISEO which has been specifically developed to be installed on armoured doors. With x1R Easy, the door locks automatically when it is pulled ajar. For the opening, different solutions are available: with transponder, integrated in the key, which allows opening when it is placed in proximity of the reader placed on the door; with mechanical key, which allows operating even in case of power failure; with PIN code, which can be digited on a keypad; from remote with button or remote control.

The results.

Symphony is the first building in Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, with fully automated motor locks.

The products.

Electromechanical locks for armoured doors x1R Easy >>


„Симфония“ е нова, луксозна жилищна сграда в град Варна. За направата ѝ са използвани съвременни решения и висококачествени материали. Предвид концепцията на Инвеститора – да създаде висок клас сграда са избрани входни апартаментни врати,с брава Iseo X1R  която да осигурява на собствениците максимално ниво на сигурност и комфорт .

„Симфония“ е  първата сграда в морската ни столица Варна, с напълно автоматизирана моторна брава клас 7 и контролиран достъп !