ISEO. That's Italia.


This cycle path runs alongside the Pisogne headquarters of ISEO Serrature. I've worked here for more than twenty years, and when I ride past on my bike, I say hello.

2019 was only two months behind us.

And our hearts were still filled with the joy of marking fifty years of ISEO, our golden anniversary, with memories of the celebrations where, proud and united, we recalled our many successes, as well as the many hard times we have overcome together.

We dreamed of a future that we believed we held in our hands...

Then, suddenly, our lives were besieged by a vacuum: empty streets, empty squares, empty paths.

Even the waves on the lake seemed useless.

And all around: sickness and pain. So much. Too much.

We were locked away in our houses but lost in a world – our world – that was no longer familiar to us.

And our thoughts also turned to the silence that had come to dominate ISEO, to the machinery at a standstill, and to our work, almost evaporated.

But we were not beaten.

In the long days of distance, we thought at length about the ways we could respond to the situation, and how we could prepare.

And how we could rebuild hope.

We have rediscovered that the winning ingredients are the same as ever: the women and men of ISEO and the way in which we express our dedication, the highest levels of professionalism, the cutting-edge research, and the beauty of the products. Our products.

Now, the machines are singing once again, and the hymn to work rings out between departments.

And the eyes of those engaged in doing their job shine with the smile that I know so well: the smile that expresses our solidarity.

Listen to that music.

These are the people of Pisogne, these are the people of Lombardy. This is Italy.



ISEO. That’s Italia.