We hereby inform you that on February 2021, 10th the Shareholders meeting of ISEO Serrature s.p.a. approved the new composition of the Board of Directors of the company as follows:


  • Francesca Facchinetti, new member appointed and President of the Board of Iseo Serrature s.p.a.
  • Roberto Gaspari, reconfirmed member and Chief Executive Officer
  • Giuseppe Facchinetti, reconfirmed member and Vice President of the Board
  • Vinicio Faustini, new member of the Board
  • Fabrizio Felter, reconfirmed member of the Board
  • Leonardo Senni, reconfirmed member of the Board
  • Alarico Melissari, reconfirmed member of the Board
  • Roberto Mottola, new member of the Board with a wide experience in R&D and innovation areas. Currently R&D and Innovation Director of SIT Group s.p.a., he previously covered different management and CTO positions of international companies such as CAME s.p.a., Ariston Thermo s.p.a., Hewlett-Packard.