In this edition of Sicur 2020, Iseo stand (10C10) includes an area dedicated to the Technology Partner programme, where will be present Sofia Locks and Gewiss Ibérica.

The programme has been conceived to offer electronic solutions by Iseo which can be integrated into systems developed by other companies
specialised in other product, application and service sectors. The programme has led to the creation of integrated systems which extend the offer and increase the value of individual solutions, offering the market of access control solutions cutting edge technology, high efficiency and advanced security.

Sofia Locks (www.sofialocks.com)

Sofia is an Italian company providing a cloud and smartphone based access control platform.

The Luckey access control platform by Sofia works in conjunction with ARGO SMART lock devices by Iseo. Based on the most advanced Cloud
and IoT technology, this is a highly flexible and easily configurable system, offering significant advantages in terms of installation, maintenance and future updates. The superior security standards and real time control capability of the platform ensure effective access
protection and management even for sites in geographically remote locations.

A partnership creating solutions for new business models such as Sharing Economy, Smart Office, Coworking and the avant-garde concept of Coliving.

Gewiss (www.gewiss.com)

Gewiss is a leading Italian company specialised in the development and creation of products and new technologies for home automation,
and solutions for energy and lighting systems.

Iseo and Gewiss have come together to evolve the concept of domestic security.

Gewiss Smart Home system is based on a cloud platform linked to a gateway, which allows the system to acquire data, monitor and manage
locks of the ARGO SMART range by Iseo and all the other home automation devices installed in the household. The information is managed from an app with a user friendly interface and accessible either locally or remotely.