Private House - Italy

The context. 

The owner wanted to provide security to his house through a locking system combining the reliability of mechanics with the flexibility of electronics. This required highly secure, customized keys ensuring constant anti-breaking protection. For this reason ISEO recommended CSF Mechatronic System. 

Our contribution. 

The best solution was CSF Mechatronic System. ISEO's mechatronic cylinder ensures security and flexibility: with a single key the owner can access all the house, while external staff can do it only at certain times and in certain areas. Furthermore, the key can be immediately disabled in case of theft or loss. 

The results. 

ISEO provided the owner with a highly flexible system allowing higher security and utmost customization with just one smart key. And all worries will be "locked out". 

The Products.

CSF F9000 - Vertical key mechatronic cylinder protected by registered trademark and patent >>