Winery Moser - Trento, Italy

The context. 

Deep in the countryside of Trento (Italy), the “Moser” is both a winery and an agritourism.

The lifelong search of the excellence concerning the wine production and the hospitality is a value identifying the activity. It has found a perfect harmony with ISEO product range.

The property owners needed a solution, which could help them to manage in a simple way their collaborators’, guests’ and visitors’ access to the several areas of the location, without changing the existing doors nor doing big changes inside the building.

Our contribution.

With an attractive and highly innovative design, the electronic cylinder Libra Smart does not require any wiring and can also be installed on existing doors: this is why it represents the perfect solution.  

Thanks to App Argo, the doors can be open from both collaborators and guests even by using their smartphone, always depending on the area where they are allowed to enter.

Furthermore, the owners can decide anytime which doors can be opened by different people, even in different time ranges, always by using their smartphone and Argo App by ISEO.

The results.

The alchemy created by the innovation and “Made in Italy“ by ISEO, together with the focus to the environment, allowed to insert our solution in a context where focus on the nature represents a “must”.

Thanks to the cylinder Libra Smart, the winery and agritourism Moser can manage in complete safety and comfort the whole property, only by using a smartphone and Argo App.

The products.

Argo App - Management system >>

Libra Smart - Electronic cylinder >>