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A complete system

The adoption of an Integrated Management System confirms ISEO's commitment to international standards of excellence. The "Corporate Project" optimises the many existing ISO certifications: the aim is to progressively bring together the various certifications under a single Corporate Certification, while taking into account the particularities of the various companies. Certifications at global level come along with those at local level.

Our company certifications

It has always been a priority for ISEO to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. An orientation that has also allowed it to be certified at corporate level according to ISO 45001, which defines standards for occupational health and safety management at international level. Further confirmation that ISEO is a reliable and safety-oriented company.

With the aim to improve its environmental performance and meeting its sustainability commitments and objectives, ISEO has also obtained ISO 14001 certification at corporate level. An achievement that demonstrates a mature awareness of the importance of sustainable development and confirms its centrality within the company. The certification of the environmental management system is in fact a significant step in the realisation of a more sustainable and ecologically aware future.

ISEO is committed to the effective implementation of quality management principles within the organisation. By achieving ISO 9001 certification, also at corporate level for several locations, ISEO concretely demonstrates its constant commitment to ensuring business processes that meet the highest quality requirements. A concrete demonstration of its high standards.

For ISEO, the management and protection of information and data is fundamental. ISEO's achievement of ISO 27001 certification also at corporate level confirms its priority commitment in this area. ISO 27001, in fact, establishes global requirements for corporate information security management, offering guidelines for planning, implementing, monitoring and continuously improving information security systems. This certification stipulates that the information carried by products, stored and saved on servers is protected, intact and available, including through a Business Continuity and disaster recovery plan in the event of a computer incident. A certified guarantee that the information entrusted by the customer to ISEO is secure, available, intact and confidential.

ISEO also demonstrates a tangible commitment to sustainable energy management by obtaining for its Headquarters and ISEO Deutschland the ISO 50001, the voluntary international certification that sets the requirements for establishing, managing, and improving the company's energy efficiency and consumption.

This document - applicable to ISEO Headquarters - establishes clear guidelines and channels for reporting questionable behaviors safely and in compliance with applicable laws. The culture of whistleblowing reinforces ethical responsibility and contributes to the improvement of our work environment. We are dedicated to treating every report with confidentiality and responsiveness. Go to the Whistleblowing platform
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