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The access control solution for flexible spaces, designed by ISEO and Sofia Locks: it is cable free, secure, customisable, key free and therefore, easy and quick to install.

Designed according to the logic of security by design, the access control solution designed by ISEO and Sofia Locks is suitable to meet the needs of residential, co-living and social housing environments, but also the ones coming from public or private companies related to the the world of Real Estate and PropTech business, co-working, retail and logistics.

The security and cutting-edge technology of the electronic and smart locks of ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies' Connected products range (cylinders for locks, smart locks, handles and electronic credential readers) meet the flexibility of the innovative access management software developed by Sofia Locks.

The result is a solution that opens the door to the future of cloud-native access control for intelligent, fluid and flexible hybrid workspaces' management.




Thanks to our integrated solution to manage the accesses it is possible to:

Check and manage credentials in real time;

Opening gates remotely in a simple and intuitive way, through your smartphone;

Secure spaces, quickly

View the access logs history (even the unauthorized ones);

Manage the booking of rooms or spaces;

Control several buildings or areas thanks to multi - system access control;

Contribute to the reduction of management and maintenance costs and therefore to the growth of your business.


... and much more!


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  High security standards;

○ A keyless and wireless access control solution;

○ Easy-to-use and easy to be set for both administrators and users;

○ User-friendly interface;

○ No more lost keys: no more costs of locks or keys replacement;

○ Reduced management costs;

○ Integration with existing products;

Pre and after sales support;

○ Both remote and in-person maintenance;

○ Possibility to consult statistics, access history and even unauthorised access attempts;

○ Flexible, modular and scalable solution as required.



Once again, the expertise synergy between ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies and Sofia Locks results in a secure and flexible solution to better manage your business wherever you are and to give you peace of mind and freedom to move.


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In the 21st century and in general in recent years, many public or private companies have converted to hybrid or co-working spaces environments.

In addition, also the real estate field is facing various changes, due to the global pandemic which has accelerated the evolution of numerous trends, including the way in which people conceive the concept of space; indeed, a space nowaday must be characterised by modular work settings in order to be flexible and customisable according to the needs of both owners and users.

In these contexts, there are people who not only carry out their tasks on a temporary or continuous basis, but they find themselves sharing both ideas and also common areas such as offices, meeting rooms, garages, lifts, electrified gates, reception, lockers, relax areas, etc.

Residential contexts have also changed. In response to rising rents in Europe and also in other countries, more and more people are sharing houses: this the era of co-living and co-housing.








The challenge for tenants, landlords and those who are in charge to manage hybrid spaces in general, is to provide a satisfactory user experience by offering modular and comfortable areas.

Therefore, working environments and in general shared spaces require technological solutions for access control, which in order to facilitate users interaction with the various areas must be:

customisable and scalable according to the needs;

easy to be managed and set up from anywhere in the world and in real time;

 user-friendly even for users;

secure in order to prevent access unauthorised acesses;

○ technological and smart: the demand to access various rooms without keys is increasing day-to-day, but using one's smartphone as an opening credential;

 a useful tool to avoid crowds, overlapping room bookings and shared offices (a need that has arisen as a result of the pandemic).





luckey software screen for access controlThanks to innovative cloud-native access control solutions, managing multiple buildings and areas - even if they are geographically displaced all over the world -  with a single intelligent control panel has never been easier!

Anytime, anywhere, remotely or in real time, whether it is a single building or multiple buildings, the manager of an hybrid areas can manage multiple workspaces (e.g. meeting rooms, offices, breakout areas); all this with just one remote access management software to add or remove gates and access points, access shared spaces, authorise users to open lockers, open gates.

It is possible for the administrator to change or revoke access permissions, authorise user access even in other work locations, via their smartphonen real time and remotely.

In this way, the physical presence of the staff is no longer necessary to hand out the keys; users can also be enabled by the administrator to access only certain services and areas of the building even also at specific times, again using their smartphone as a virtual opening credential .


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Choose the electronic locks designed by ISEO which best suit your business! 


Discover all the smart locks available to unlock both indoor and outdoor entrances. 

A wide range of smart locks including electronic door cylinders and handles, credential readers, smart cabinets, electric gate opening actuators that combined with Luckey, the cloud-based access management software designed by Sofia, meet all security and design requirements for shared spaces. 


access control with aries smart electronic trim set by iseoaccess control with electronic cylinder libra smart by iseoaccess control with smart gateway by iseoaccess control with smart locker by iseo

                                          access control with motorized lock for armoured door x1r smart by iseo access control with stylos smart reader by iseo                                          



Open the door to a new piece of mind and unlock your freedom to move!


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