Discover the integrated smart access control solutions by ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies, ideal for coworking and flexible offices industry.


The security and the cutting-edge technology of the electronic products of the Smart range by ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies (cylinders, locks, handles and electronic credential readers) is combined with the flexibility of the innovative and advanced software for access management developed by Sofia Locks, an ISEO company, which meets the exigencies of the growing sector of coworking.


Thanks to these smart and innovative solutions, the buildings administrators can authorize users to enter geographically distant sites, even from remote and with their own smartphone. This way it isn't necessary to provide for dedicated staff in charge to manage the assignment of physical access credentials.

The users can be admitted only to certain services and building areas in specific time slots using their own smartphone as access credential.

Access rights can be modified or cancelled by the administrator and sent to the user anytime and in real time in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.


ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies access control solutions feature high security standards, simple installation of products on doors and easiness of control, configuration, update and manitenance.

Thanks to their carachteristics, ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies solutions offer systems easier to use, administrative capabilities and comfort, and a more pleasant experience for both operators and users.

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