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600 G/GF - Cylinder locks with gear mechanism

The 600 G/GF cylinder locks with gear mechanism are part of the series 600 mechanical locks for armoured doors.
They are equipped with a special gear mechanism designed to allow the key to turn smoothly, without force.
The deadbolts have an anti-cut reinforcement and the following 2 additional features can be added:
a deadbolt self-locking system if the cylinder breaks and the option to secure the cylinder with a frontal screw.
If the key is lost or stolen, the owner can change the cylinder and restore security quickly and easily without having to replace the whole lock.
Technical features:

  • Gear mechanism
  • Deadbolts with anti-cut reinforcement
  • Deadbolt self-locking system as option
  • Option to secure the cylinder with a frontal screw
  • Certified with the maximum grade (7) of European standard EN12209
  • Versions with latchbolt at the top or bottom
  • Piston centre distances of 28, 37/38 mm
  • Piston projections of 3.5 or 13.5 mm

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