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ARGO APP - Management system

Argo App management system is the ideal solution to manage and control the accesses in residential or "light commercial" environments, such as:

  • bed & breakfasts;
  • shops;
  • small offices;
  • small businesses;
  • professional studios.

By simply installing the Argo app on an iOS or Android smartphone, the user can manage, monitor and open all the doors upon which ISEO devices of the Connected line are installed, with no need for any additional software or Internet connection: all this thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology, which allows smartphones to communicate with the devices. Using the app installed on the smartphone, it is possible to organise the access permissions for up to users and view the last 1000 events detected on each door (entries, attempts at unauthorised entry, etc.).
In addition to smartphones, the doors can also be opened using Apple Watches from Series 4, ISEO cards and pre-existing RFID cards (contactless credit cards, public transport tickets, access control cards, etc.), PIN codes and fingerprint readers (these ones are available for x1R Smart - electromechanical lock for armoured doors).

Furthermore, in combination with the Smart Gateway, you can manage the door lock from remote, authorizing people to enter or reading events.
Argo improves accessibility for blind or visually impaired users as it is compatible with Voiceover (iOS) and TalkBack (Android), screen readers for smartphones that provide audible descriptions of everything that appears on the screen and every touch made by the user.


Download Argo App for Android in Google Store >>

Download Argo App for iOS in Apple Store >>


For online and offline access control in more complex applications, such as big companies and multi-site organizations, the ideal solution is V364 system >>

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