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F9000 V2 - Mechatronic cylinder

The F9000 V2 mechatronic cylinder is one of the products from the ISEO Connected product range that can be managed by the V364 access control system. It's installed like a normal mechanical cylinder, and has the same ease of maintenance thanks to the absence of any electrical or battery wiring within the cylinder itself.
A single key can be used to open different doors in various time zones and on specific days, thanks to the ease of programming offered by the V364 software. Furthermore, the key is protected against duplication for greater security, and makes it possible to trace each entry, as well as any attempts at unauthorised entry.
F9000 V2 mechatronic cylinders are the ideal solution for controlling the entries to any type of public or private building.

For access control in smaller contexts, such as private homes, B&Bs, small hotels, professional studios, shops and small businesses, the ideal solution is the system Argo >>

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