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PUSH SIRENA - Touch bar device with built-in alarm

The Push Sirena touch-bar device with built-in alarm is certified according to the EN1125 European standard.
It is ideal for shops, small warehouses and all buildings in which the escape routes are not monitored.
Push Sirena has a built-in sound alarm system so that complicated alarm systems do not need to be installed:
a signal indicates when the bar is pressed, in order to efficiently control non-authorised entry and exit.
The device also has a courtesy function allowing exit without triggering the alarm.
Installation is quick and easy:
it is battery-operated, so an electrical connection is not required.
The panic function is also further enhanced by the AntiGerm antibacterial protection, a special treatment releasing silver ions for the entire life of the product:
it requires no maintenance and makes this device perfect for being fitted in buildings in which hygiene and health protection are important and essential.
Technical features:

  • Panic bar with built-in sound alarm
  • Compatible with the Push series devices
  • Courtesy function for exiting without triggering the alarm
  • Certified according to European standard EN1125 and CE marking
  • ICIM product voluntary certification, which sets out stricter requirements than the CE marking
  • AntiGerm antibacterial treatment
  • Available as a bar set or separate device

Find out more about the antibacterial treatment AntiGerm >>

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