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STYLOS SMART - Credential reader

Stylos Smart, the credential reader of the ISEO Connected product range can be easily rekeyed with a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone: cards, tags or phones can be intuitively added or deleted using Argo by ISEO, a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android. Stylos Smart is a Multistandard ISO 14443 A/B credential reader and is available in either the indoor or outdoor version (IP66).
ISEO locks with Lockbus interface, such as the Thesis 2.0 dropbolt, can be directly connected to credential readers without external actuators. They can also manage double accesses with interlock functions and signal lights.
The electronic actuator allows a direct control of electromechanical locks and electric strikers or, by using the built-in relay, of any other access control device such as car park bars, sliding doors, electric locks and so on.
The Stylos Smart Line is provided with a self-adjusting power supply from 8Vdc to 30Vdc ensuring top flexibility and in most cases allowing the use of an existing supply even when the theoretical parameters are deteriorated.
Stylos Smart has connectivity to Bluetooth Smart Ready devices without any plugin to be installed neither on the reader nor on the smartphone.
It can be opened by RFID cards and Bluetooth Smart Ready phones (iOS and Android).
Lost or stolen keys can be quickly deleted with Argo App.

For online and offline access control in more complex applications, such as big companies and multi-site organizations, the ideal solution is V364 system >>

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