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X1R EASY - Lock for armoured doors

x1R Easy, available in mortice and rim versions, is an electronic motorized lock specifically developed to be installed on armoured doors.
It works with an electric motor controlled by a powerful microprocessor and the deadbolt action is always guaranteed by the mechanical operation of the key, even in case of power supply failure.
The revised programming board unit features larger buttons and a new design in line with the rectangular keypad style.
x1R Easy locks have the same sizes and accessories as the mechanical locks, so they are interchangeable; thanks to simply electric connections the installation is very easy.
All versions are reversible, have different deadbolt extensions and centre distances.
Escutcheons are available in three different finishes.
Thanks to its structure it is classifi ed at the maximum level (7) for the anti-intrusion protection (EN12209).
x1R is conceived and manufactured in compliance with European standards EN14846.

Door opening options:

  • Pin codes
  • Tag/ Keychain Transponder xKey
  • Square programming board (new design)
  • RFID cards/keys reader frequency 125 Khz.
  • External control (remote control, pushbutton, etc.)
  • Technical features:

    • Central lock with top and bottom rods connector.
    • Versions with 3 or 4 deadbolts diameter 18 mm.
    • European profile cylinder hole.
    • Handle follower 8 mm.
    • Backset 63 mm.
    • Centre distance 85 mm.
    • Power supply:
    • - battery (6 batteries 1,5 Vdc)
    • - power supply unit from 9 to 14 Vdc
    • - rechargeable battery (6 batteries 1,2 Vdc)
    • 5 function modes to be set by the end user.
    • Numerical keyboard (optional).
    • Keys or master and user code programming.
    • Keyboard for opening and programming (from inside).
    • In line frame sensor.
    • It can be integrated with domotic systems.
    • Operating temperature:-25°C ÷ + 70°C