Hotel Araba Fenice - Iseo (Brescia), Italy

The context.

On the shores of Lake Iseo, Araba Fenice is a prestigious hotel in an historical Liberty styled building, dating from the first half of the 19th century.

The hotel, which offers rooms, suites, meeting rooms and a restaurant at the side of the lake, has been recently renewed.

The owners has asked to ISEO an opening system which could be integrated with an existing access control software and which could be perfectly integrated in an elegant context, without changing the existing doors.

Our contribution.

Aries electronic trim set represents the ideal solution for the hotel needs. It can be integrated also with third parties software; minimal and stylish, it ensures an extreme ease of installation, by enhancing the luxuring context. The guests can now open the doors of the rooms with a card, which is activated only at the moment of the check-in and deactivated at the check-out.

The products.

Argo App - Management system >>

Aries Smart - Electronic trim set >>