In the year in which the company celebrates its 50th anniversary, ISEO had the pleasure of hosting its customary ISEO for You meeting at its headquarters in Pisogne, on Lake Iseo. This event is always an occasion for debate and discussion, and is traditionally dedicated to providing security specialists from all over Italy with updates regarding new developments in the field.

During the meeting this year, a visit to the ISEO factory was organised, where our products are born. We were able to show visitors each phase of the development and creation of our products, as well as demonstrating the care and attention that our employees dedicate to their work every day.

This occasion also provided an opportunity to present the latest news and developments with regard to Argo, the app that enables the user to open doors and manage access to spaces remotely, via smartphone.

Series 5, the new electric lock that has just launched on the market, was also presented.

At the end of the day, our ISEO for You guests were able to immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere of the CidneOn International Light Festival, of which ISEO is the main partner.

Here, guests could admire Brescia Castle, which was illuminated as part of the Festival, to bid a spectacular farewell to the ISEO for You meeting, which ended on a thoroughly successful note this year once again.

ISEO's sense of satisfaction at this success is combined with the company's desire to achieve new and ever more ambitious goals for the future, in order to continue to grow and innovate.