Officine Farneto - Rome, Italy

The context.

A multi-faceted and impressive location of more than 1000 square meters in Rome: Officine Farneto is a modern open space in which hosts company and cultural events.

In the building there are also meeting rooms, offices, company showrooms in addition to a bistro, wellness areas and a roof garden. Considering that Officine Farneto rents out the area to third parties, the building managers needed an access control solution for the different areas, even if they are not there.

Officine Farneto requested also a solution to improve the security of the emergency exits of the building.

Our contribution.

ISEO met Officine Farneto requests with Libra electronic cylinder: thanks to the linear and minimal design, the electronic knob fits perfectly and harmoniously with the building. Furthermore, for the emergency exits Officine Farneto has installed Multiblindo eMotion Exit, an automatic lock with panic function.

The results.

Thanks to the electronic cylinder Libra, it is possible to electronically control the accesses. The traditional keys used by the internal staff and external companies employees are replaced by a card, which is previously programmed in a simple way by the owners. In this way, they will be able to manage access for each person, by deciding in which areas the access is allowed, even in specific days and timings.

With the automatic panic lock Multiblindo eMotion Exit, when the door is pulled ajar and as soon as the wing is perfectly aligned, the deadbolts and latchbolts are automatically locked. Furthermore, a microswitch detects and signals the opening or closing status of the door.

The products.

Argo App - Management system >>

Libra Smart - Electronic cylinder >>

Multiblindo eMotion Exit - Automatic electromechanical panic lock >>