Against contagion, a permanent antibacterial protection.

AntiGerm is a permanent antibacterial protection treatment which ISEO uses on its range of panic and emergency exit devices.

The action of the antibacterial treatment AntiGerm reduces bacteria level of 99% on the panic devices surface.


With AntiGerm, more hygiene for public spaces.

Our hands touch several everyday objects which are usually shared with other people therefore not strictly personal.

For this reason it is particularly important to add an antibacterial treatment on panic exit devices which are always present in public environments and in all those places where hygiene and healthcare is a basic requirement: hospitals, clinics, treatment homes, but also child care centres and nursery schools.

AntiGerm enriches the panic function with antibacterial protection, doubles safety and improves people's health avoiding contagion spread.


AntiGerm action.

The action of AntiGerm antibacterial treatment on our panic exit devices is permanent and doesn't require any special maintenance.

It is based on the slow and constant release of silver ions, guaranteed even in case of surface scratches, which penetrate the microbial organism and prevent its reproduction by attacking its DNA and finally inhibiting cellular respiration. In few minutes it kills more than 650 bacteria species as Legionella, Salmonella and MRSA thanks to a continuous action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reducing bacteria level of 99%.

Its performance is certified by Padova University Molecular Medicine Department. All the panic and emergency exit devices with AntiGerm antibacterial treatment have obtained the volontary certification according to ISO 22196 standard.

In line with its attention to safety, ISEO has been a pioneer in protecting the health of the users of its products, in particular of its panic exit devices, which are always present in public environments and in all of those places attended by a high number of people where hygiene and healthcare is a basic requirement.


A complete range.

All ISEO rim panic and emergency exit devices  in all their finishes are more and more resistant:

  • durability of 500,000 operations: tested according the standards UNI EN1125 and UNI EN179 up to 500.000 operations (the maximum limit required by the standards is 200.000 operations)

  • classified in grade 7 (door mass): tested in compliance to the standards UNI EN1125 and UNIEN179 on door with mass higher than 200 kg

  • operating temperature from -25°C to +60°C: tested according to the standards UNI EN1125 and UNI EN179 from -25°C a +60°C (the limit required from the standards is from -10°C a +60°C).




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