Success Stories

Pour ce projet de reconstruction, le logiciel V364 a été choisi parce qu’il offrait plus de souplesse et de finesse dans l’assignation des droits d’accès. L’administration d’un grand nombre de cylindres et d’utilisateurs est simplifiée sur V364.

To develop this concept, ISEO designed a locking system for Metropolis Riverside, an architectural residential complex spread over two skyscrapers in the heart of Beijing, which involves the installation of motorised locks for security doors combined with ISEO mechanical cylinders.

Wellio by Covivio Pro-working is a flex-spaces offer that combines all the comforts and services of hotels with the technology and the possibility of using the spaces typical of the most modern offices. With the main goal to manage 400 coworking workstations located in shared areas and meeting rooms, Covivio has chosen Luckey, a cloud-native access control system by Sofia Lock and ISEO, which enables smart management of operations and sharing economy logic.

Homizy wants to transform a co - living environment into a sharing and community experience characterised by different levels of space sharing: from common areas within individual flats - such as the living room and kitchen - to relaxation, sports or co-working areas in the building's common spaces. Thanks to the software Luckey for access control developed by Sofia Locks and ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies, it is possible for Homizy to manage spaces and at the same time guaranteeing strong ICT savings. 

With the aim to ensure fibre network security and reinforcing the quality of service provided to its customers across Portgual, there was the need for DSTelecom to implement a project for controlling access to fibre optic distribution in 1500 cabinets.

Thanks to the installation of Locken electronic access management system and electronic key by ISEO, Enedis internal employees but also external suppliers in charge of the maintance of technical rooms can benefit of ad hoc access authorizations, which can be managed by the administrators through a software.

Elizabeth line is a public transportation underground line, distributed across under the center of London and has to guarantee a safe flow of people starting from the safety of the technical and sensitive areas. There is the need of an access control solution for these sensitive areas which is not only safe but, ideally cable free.

x1R Smart motorised electronic lock for armoured doors, works in combination with Argo App by ISEO and gives to Lake Villa families the possibility to choose the ways they prefer for opening their house's doors.

Plaza de La Serrezuela, located in the heart of Cartagena in Colombia, has been completely refurbished and today is a luxury commercial and cultura center with a capacity of 1900 people per 22000 square meter which needs to guarantee its visitors the possibility to exit the building easily in case of emergency.

The specific access management requirements of the 2,500-3,000 employees and visitors who visit the PwC Tower every day meant that an advanced system had to be installed to manage the various rooms and offices.