Come and see how easy, comfortable and safe to open yout door with your finger. See us at Sicur, Madrid (booth 10C10).

x1R SMART by ISEO is an electromechanical lock  specifically conceived  for installation on armoured doors.

The doors with x1R SMART can be managed and opened with smartphones (iOS and Android) thanks to Argo App by ISEO: Argo App is free and allows to manage accesses in an intuitive way with your own smartphone, without any need of additional software or internet connection.x1R SMART is available also with fingerprint reader. The fingerprint is a very secure and convenient authentication credential: it can’t be borrowed, stolen or forgotten, and it is almost impossible to forge it.


You don’t have to bring with you an inconvinient bunch of keys anymore!

Thanks to Argo App by ISEO, the electromechanical lock for armoured doors x1R Smart can be opened also by an iOS or Android smartphone, Apple Watch, card, tag and PIN codes.

With x1R SMART and Argo App  It is also possible to give access only to certain people to specific areas, even choosing the period of time. You can retrieve the last 1000 events of each door, including date and time of the accesses and the unauthorized entrance attempts.

With Argo app you can store up to 300 users for each door.

The lock for armoured door x1R SMART is interchangeble with the most common mechanichal locks for armoured doors. The simple wiring and the battery operated version make the installation very easy. The lock closes automatically when the door is pulled ajar.

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