The patented CSR R90 cylinder with protected duplicate keys is a reversible locking system which is part of the CSR product family. The R90 cylinder is available in different locking, keyed alike versions and masterkey systems.


The large number of different profiles offered by this patented multi-profile system make it ideal for the access management of complex facilities. The authorized copy is obtained upon presentation of the Property Card. The R90 cylinder also boasts excellent resistance to external attack and drilling with specific devices incorporated in the cylinder body and barrel. The cylinder is also protected against tampering by specifically designed and certified pins and counter-pins, and against cylinder extraction by a steel bar incorporated in the cylinder body.


R90 has 6 encryption pins in the inferior line, up to 4 pins in the lateral line and 5 pins in the superioir line of which one is the patented blocking pin. From a length of 30-30 made of wear-resistant special brass, per locking side. A drilling protection as well as anti-pick protection is integrated in the profile cylinder. The surface of the cylinder body is matt nickel-plated or brass as standard. The keys are made of nickel silver. Optionally selectable features:

  • emergency and danger function
  • free cam
  • construction key
Technical Features
  • Cylinder body and plug made of brass in the standard version matt nickel-plated
  • Suitable for installation in fire doors
  • Encryption pins in stainless steel
  • Counterpins in brass
  • Springs in stainless steel
  • Euro-profile cylinder (norm)
  • Locking cam made of sintered steel
  • Locking cam in min. 30° position (according to DIN)
  • In each plug there are 2 picking-resistant counterpins
  • The drilling protection consists of hardened steel pin in the cylinder body and plug
  • Each plug contains 2 profile pins which interrogate the key lance
  • The drilling protection consists of a hardened steel pin in the cylinder body
  • Hardened steel strengthening bar for increased snap and cylinder extraction resistance
Standards and Certifications

Compact and modular version:

  • DIN EN 1303: 2015-08 (1|6|0|B|0|C|6|D)
  • SKG
  • BSI*
  • VdS
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