The R ME patented multi-profile locking system combines the highest safety standards with functionality and design features. The R ME is available in key different, key alike versions and suitable for Masterkey-systems.


The patented R ME cylinder is available in both compact and modular version and therefore it represents an ideal solution also for armoured doors. Thanks to the possibility of combination on three-lines encryption the R ME Multiprofile cylinder guarantees a very high permutation calculation and is suitable for multi-level master key systems.


R ME has 6 encryption pins in the inferior line, up to 4 pins in the lateral line and up to 5 pins in the superior line from a length of 30-30 made of wear-resistant special brass, per locking side. A drilling protection as well as anti-pick protection is integrated in the profile cylinder. The surface of the cylinder body is matt nickel-plated or brass as standard. The keys are made of nickel silver. The key is available with a coprinted head in black/red (20 mm key neck) or with key-caps in 5 different colours (18 mm key neck). Optionally selectable features:

  • emergency and danger function
  • free cam
  • construction key
Technical Features
  • Cylinder body and plug made of brass in the standard version matt nickel-plated
  • Suitable for installation in fire doors
  • Encryption pins in stainless steel
  • Counterpins in brass
  • Springs in stainless steel
  • Euro-profile cylinder (norm)
  • Locking cam made of sintered steel
  • Locking cam in min. 30° position (according to DIN)
  • In each plug there are 2 picking-resistant counterpins
  • The drilling protection consists of hardened steel pin in the cylinder body and plug
  • Patented mobile element in key-profile, interacting with special pins in the plug
Standards and Certifications

Compact and modular version:

  • EN1303: 2015-08 (1|6|0|B|0|C|6|D)
  • SKG *

Available in compact and modular design as:

  • single profile cylinder
  • double profile cylinder
  • pre-arranged for knob
  • knob cylinder

Available in compact design as:

  • scandinavian type
  • rim cylinder
  • round cylinder