77QL, 778 and 381 - Locks for sliding gates

The 77QL mechanical version with handle has a hook with a rounded end to facilitate its entry to the fixed frame and a fixed pin to guide the hook correctly into the frame. The 778 wide hook version, on the other hand, which is used only with a key, is designed to be completely and securely tightened to the frame. The 381 EGI electric version has an electric hook, a fixed guiding hook and a load piston. The electric locks can be easily installed alone, simply making the gate electric while drawing remains manual, or in combination with the automatic motor.

Technical Features
  • 77QL mechanical version: handle, hook with rounded end, fixed pin
  • Stainless steel option for steel gates
  • 778 wide hook version
  • 381 EGI electric version: electric hook, fixed guiding pin, load piston, backset 90 mm, power supply 8-12 V
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