Serie 5 - Electric rim lock for gates

Serie 5 electric lock is the ideal solution for pedestrian gates delimiting the grounds of private property and for the main entrance doors of residential buildings. Versatile, secure, with simple maintenance, controllable from a button installed in the building and connectible to any normal intercom system. The Serie 5 introduces a number of major innovative features and solutions to increase performance while significantly reducing the total number of product codes handled: the Serie 5 replaces 148 conventional locks with just 12 different models. This also drastically reduces stock costs for the entire distribution network, and eliminates the need for installers called to replace existing locks to perform inconvenient and time-consuming preliminary inspections. The right solution for the job, wherever you are, with just a few models. Serie 5 range also includes a stainless steel model with the extraordinary corrosion resistance typical of this material, for installation on stainless steel gates.

Technical Features
  • Contemporary new design
  • Adjustable backset: settable to 50, 60, 70 or 80 mm
  • Reversible for right or left handed installation (except for version with deadbolt): this lock can be inverted with a just a few quick settings.
  • Multifunction: a choice of interior side aperture control configurations available with a single lock: key only, key and button or button only.
  • Universal: a special lock complete with a number of accessories allowing installation of a 5 Series lock on both wooden gates and steel main entrance doors.