Multiblindo Emotion - Electromechanical self-locking lock

The Multiblindo Emotion electromechanical self-locking multipoint lock is the perfect combination of security and comfort: by closing the leaf, the lock engages the deadbolts automatically, assuring peace of mind and safety. In addition, the electromechanical opening provides access control and remote opening. Three locking options are easily set up by the user any time:

  • Total: deadlock with deadbolts and latch completely and self-locking engaged;
  • Light: partial reclosing with only the latch, to be used in high traffic conditions;
  • Free: no re-locking, to leave the door always unlocked. The stainless or nickel-plated steel finish of the lock's also make Multiblindo Emotion suitable to be installed in the most modern architectural contexts.
Technical Features
  • Modular lock: for doors up to 3220 mm it is possible to integrate Multiblindo Emotion with the matching extensions
  • Anti-intrusion, anti-cut, anti-drill resistant deadbolts
  • From the outside it is possible to open with the key and it is possible to integrate it with the most modern electronic access control systems available on the market. From the inside, it is possible to open by disengaging latch and deadbolts, through the action of the motor, which can be controlled electronically, or by operating a handle or turning the key
  • Ringing feedback when the user opens or closes the door
  • Customisable reclosure
  • Panic version, with the Pro Exit panic bar
  • Adjustable stainless steel long strike plates
  • Long stainless steel strike plates for two-leaf door with semi-fixed second leaf. The strike plate is equipped with a manually operated lever espagnolette
Standards and Certifications
  • Maximum security grade certified: grade 7 of European standard EN14846 and class C of the German institute of VDS certification
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