Performa - Gear lock

The Performa gear lock is the perfect solution for aluminium doors, which tend to change shape due to the materials they are made of, their size and other external factors. This means that correctly locking the door becomes more difficult. The force required to correctly align the door when closing it is significantly reduced thanks to the Performa lock's gear mechanism. In this way, the airtight closure of the door is ensured and heat and sound insulation improves, maximising energy savings. The stainless and black painted steel front of the lock make the Performa ideal for modern environments.

Technical Features
  • Lock with gear mechanism that reduces force on the key and ensures airtight sealing of the door, with heat and sound insulation and energy savings as a result.
  • Multipoint, triple and lateral versions
  • Mechanical and electric versions
  • Hold-open device available (electric version only)
  • Modular system, for narrower warehouses: the latchbolt can be replaced with a roller or cap (deadbolt function only)
  • Sliding deadbolts
  • Centre distance 85 and 92 mm