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X1R SMART - Lock for armoured doors compatible with Argo App

x1R Smart is a motorised electronic lock specifically designed for armoured doors. It combines the solidity of a mechanical lock with the versatility of electronic control via smartphone, RFID tag or keypad.
Opening occurs with the aid of a motor or the "Single Action" quick release and closing occurs through motorised action controlled by a next-generation microprocessor. In case of lack of power supply, deadbolt operation is guaranteed by the traditional movement of keys, equipped with a security system that is able to disconnect motorisation during operation of the mechanical cylinder.
x1R Smart series locks are interchangeable with the most common mechanical locks as they use the same mechanical accessories. The "plug and play" electronic accessories' electrical connections make installation extremely easy.
The system is managed through Argo App by ISEO, available for both iOS and Android that allows you can use to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 5.0 and manage all functions.
It can be interfaced with the Iseo access control platform or a third-party system through opto-isolated Input/ Output connections which can be used to control the operation modes and states for opening and closing. It is possible to have a direct and secure connection with Iseo range devices by using the lockbus connection with proprietary protocol.
All models are available with different projections and bolt centre-to-centre distances for a vast interchangeability with mechanical versions. Escutcheons are available in various finishes.
Thanks to the solidity of the mechanical structure, it is classified at the maximum grade (7) for anti-intrusion protection (EN12209).


Several smart opening modes with only one reader. Find out more about Multi-Reader the new accessory to be used with x1R Smart >>

For online and offline access control in more complex applications, such as big companies and multi-site organizations, the ideal solution is V364 system >>

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